Vission & Mission

UniMed Travels was formed to empower the medical traveler with complete knowledge of his options for treatments abroad, including the choice of the hospital/doctor based on the patient’s preferences and budget, and genuine reviews of patients only who have been treated at the hospital in our knowledge.

The patient will no longer be subject to the mercy of the medical tourism agency

In case you feel overwhelmed by the choices, you can seek a UniMed care executive’s assistance to plan your trip, knowing that transparency is maintained at all levels.

Our system also drives the hospital to step up in providing the best quality treatment and post-op care for the patient, and maintain a standard code of practice, lest they be voted down on our system.

We only wish to work with hospitals that agree with our terms and are committed to the highest standard of patient care.

While we try everything to ensure the patients using our services have the safe, satisfying experiences at any facility that has been listed here, patients must realise that  they also have the responsibility towards their treatments’ success. The reviews you write here will help thousands of other people make informed decisions.



To make medical travel a safe, transparent procedure by promoting a community of hospitals/doctors that are committed to patient welfare above anything else and are known for honest practices.

To encourage patients to review all of their choices nicely, study the pros and cons, and travel to a place armed with complete knowledge of what they can expect.