Gynecomastia surgery is the most effective treatment for overly large breasts in men (also known as man boobs). It is a safe and simple procedure that can be done with liposuction or surgical excision of the extra tissue. Elective surgeries like this can be expensive, and if you are looking for affordable male breast reduction surgery overseas, the below information will be useful.

Overdeveloped or enlarged breasts in men commonly occur due to hormonal changes during puberty but they resolve within 6-24 months without any medical intervention.

However, gynecomastia can occur at any age due to heredity, hormonal imbalance, or obesity, and can be a source of embarrassment and distress for the patient.

A lot of drugs—anti androgens, steroids, AIDS medication, antibiotics, antidepressants, cancer drugs and heart medications—are also responsible for causing gynecomastia.

Other than that, it can be caused by alcohol or substance (marijuana, heroin, methadone, etc.) abuse.

If you have developed enlarged breasts due to any of these reasons, help is available.

The lowest cost surgery for man boobs is available in Asian hospitals.

The cost of male breast reduction is:

Cost of gynecomastia surgery in India – starts from $1,500

Cost of gynecomastia surgery in Thailand – starts from $4,000

Cost of gynecomastia surgery in Malaysia – starts from $2,500

Once you contact your chosen hospital/doctor for gynecomastia surgery, the doctor will send you a complete treatment plan and its associated cost

You should consider gynecomastia surgery if:

  • You have excess fat deposits in your breasts that make you self conscious
  • You are reluctant to bare your chest even at the beach or while swimming or in other sports
  • You want your chest to be in proportion with the rest of the body
  • You are facing psychological stress because of enlarged breasts
  • You feel tighter chest appearance will make you more confident

You will make a good candidate for gynecomastia surgery if:

  • Exercise and alternative medications have not helped reduce the size of your breasts
  • You are physically fit and free of any medical conditions that could complicate healing after the surgery
  • You have realistic expectations from the surgery
  • You are not obese
  • You are an adult whose breast development has become stable
  • You do not smoke or drink heavily
  • You are not a drug abuser

Gynecomastia surgery is performed with the goal of restoring natural breast appearance for men who have excessive fat deposits in their chest area.

Male breast reduction can be done in the following three ways:

1.      Male breast reduction with liposuction

Liposuction of gynecomastia is performed under local anesthesia with sedation or under general anesthesia. The surgeon will make small incisions on the two sides of your chest, in your armpit or around the areola and remove excess fat through it.

The skin over the chest will then be contoured to give it a better, more natural appearance.

2.      Fat tissue excision

In cases of more severe gynecomastia that cannot be tackled with liposuction alone, the doctor will remove glandular tissue or skin through incisions. Glandular tissue is denser than fat, so surgical excision is required.

The incisions are made around the areola or along the natural creases of your chest and if done well, the scars might even be quite inconspicuous.

3.      Combination

In some cases surgical excision combined with liposuction may be used.

If you need only fat removal and minimal correction, the incisions made will be small and they could totally fade over time.

If however, you require significant breast tissue removal, the scars made may be larger and extending along the sides of your chest or around the areola.

According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS), based on over 72,000 ratings the satisfaction rate of gynecomastia surgery is close to 95%.

If your weight remains stable, the results of gynecomastia surgery are permanent. However, if you repeat the things that actually led to your breast enlargement—drugs, excessive eating—the results may reverse.

If you feel concerned about anything after the surgery, reach out to your surgeon to discuss.

To have a safe experience when you go for male breast reduction abroad you must carefully choose an accredited hospital and a credible surgeon. Don’t just go for the cheapest gynecomastia surgery offer you find.

Ask questions regarding the surgery and if you feel confident of the surgeon, go ahead.

Just like most other surgeries, there are some risks in gynecomastia surgery, which include:

  • Unfavorable reaction to anesthesia
  • Infection at the surgery site
  • Excessive bleeding
  • Scarring
  • Damage to nerves or vessels
  • Accumulation of blood as in hematoma

Gynecomastia surgery is a simple and safe procedure but risks are always involved in surgeries and it is best to be cautious at all times.

After you have finalized your hospital and surgeon, it is time to prepare for your gynecomastia surgery.

Be honest when asked about your medical history and ask your surgeon for clear instructions to prepare for male breast reduction surgery.

You will likely be asked to:

  • Avoid smoking for atleast two weeks before the surgery
  • Stop taking aspirin or any blood thinners before the surgery
  • Have a healthy diet and keep yourself well hydrated
  • Take 2-3 weeks off work, especially if your work is physically demanding
  • Have loose comfortable clothes ready to wear after the surgery
  • Collect some movies and reading material to remain occupied during recuperation
  • Do not tan excessively in your chest area before or after the surgery as it can cause scarring
  • If possible, have a companion to accompany you for your gynecomastia surgery abroad
  • Also, arrange for some help at home to assist you with minor chores after the surgery

It is imperative that you do not try to rush back home. Stay at the destination for the suggested duration as your surgical wound heals and see your surgeon for follow-up care.

Below are some things to expect after the surgery:

  • Depending upon the extent of the surgery, you may be asked to stay in the hospital for 1-2 days
  • You will be asked to wear a compression garment for a couple of days
  • Expect some pain and stiffness after the effect of the anesthesia wears off
  • Medication will be given to control pain and inflammation
  • You will be allowed to move around but the surgical site must not be disturbed atleast for three days
  • Swelling and bruising are expected; the bruise will change colors from bright red to black, blue, purple as it heals.
  • Within seven days the doctor will remove your sutures and drains, if they were placed
  • You may be given some antibiotic ointments to apply over the surgical wound
  • Avoid direct sun exposure of the surgical site
  • The diameter of your areola could change as the wound heals
  • In case you have excessive pain or fever, call your surgeon immediately
  • Avoid heavy lifting, excessive exercise or any strenuous activity
  • Each patient heals differently so you must seek your surgeon’s guidance on how much exercise you are allowed


In addition to the above, detailed post-op instructions will be given, which you must follow to a t.

Get a fit-to-fly certificate from your surgeon to ensure you can fly back safely. Sitting still for long hours can cause blood clots which can travel through your veins and cause problems. So ensure you move around on a long flight or atleast keep moving your feet.

Complete recovery after gynecomastia surgery may take upto three months so if do not panic if it is takes a couple of weeks for you to appreciate the results.

Once the pain has subsided and your surgical wounds have healed, you should see a definite improvement in the shape and contour of your chest.

You may experience a temporary loss of sensation in the operated area but it should become normal in a couple of weeks. If your areola expands and contracts too much after gynecomastia surgery, seek your doctor’s advice.

Now that all that excess fat and tissue from your chest is gone, it should feel night and taut and the results should be permanent if you maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Hormonal changes, weight gain, or certain drugs could result in the recurrence of gynecomastia, so you must take good care of that newly sculpted chest.



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