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Snap-on dentures pros and cons

Dentures are notorious for being loose and uncomfortable. If you face difficulty in chewing food, discomfort, and lowered quality of life because of unstable dentures, maybe it is time to switch to snap on dentures that are much firmer and steady.  

Let’s consider snap on denture pros and cons, before you start looking in this direction.

What are snap on dentures?

Snap on dentures are removable prosthesis that are attached to implants. These have a significantly smaller plate (resting area) as compared to traditional dentures, making them very comfortable for the patients.

Also, known as snap in dentures, these do not sit on your gums but snap on to implant posts and eliminate the need for any denture adhesives.

The cost of snap on dentures may be higher than conventional denture because of the use of implants but the comfort they offer is usually worth a few thousand extra bucks. Besides, you can get affordable snap on dentures in many Asian and European countries.

Snap-on-dentures pros and cons

Snap on denture pros and cons


Better stability –The stability they offer is a major advantage as your teeth remain fixed and don’t slide or slip like regular dentures. This is the main reason for most people to opt for snap on dentures.

Easy on soft tissues – Since the denture in this case rests on the implants, it does not rub against the gums or cause any irritation to the oral soft tissues.

Improved speech – Slurred speech is a real problem for people with removable dentures as they are unable to speak clearly when the saliva collects over their loose dentures. However, with snap-on dentures it won’t be such a problem as the denture will not be so wobbly.

Comfortable eating – You will not have to rush to wash your denture after every meal as food deposits are relatively lesser with implant supported dentures.

Easy maintenance – Even though it holds on to the implants, the snap-on denture can be easily removed for cleaning. You will be advised to remove the dentures before sleeping every night, so the gums can rest. Also, you should use specific denture cleaning agents for maintenance of your snap-on dentures.

Significantly cheaper than other fixed options – Snap on dentures require 2-3 implants in the lower jaw and upto 4 implants in the upper jaw, which makes them significantly cheaper than other options like all-on-4 implants, all-on-6 implants, or fixed implant bridge—all of which require more number of implants, driving up the cost by several times.

Improved confidence – Most people who replace their removable denture to fixed alternatives report improved confidence as they are able to speak and smile more freely in front of people, without having to worry about their dentures coming loose.

Fixed replacement for dentures


Higher cost than regular dentures – Implants are the most expensive of dental treatments and adding even one implant to your treatment procedure can raise its cost. While a regular denture would cost you $800 – $1,500, snap on dentures can cost upto $30,000.

However, you can still get affordable snap dentures in Thailand, India, Mexico, South Korea, Turkey, and several other countries where dental treatments are not so highly priced.

Surgery – The placement of dental implants is a small surgical procedure, which cannot be performed without anesthesia. The doctor will likely give you local anesthesia, which means you will be awake during the procedure but will not feel anything at the surgical site as long as the effect of anesthesia remains.

You might experience minor pain or swelling for 1-3 days after the effect of anesthesia has worn off.

More time is required – The time required for dental implant procedure could be a few days (if you are using immediate loading implants) to upto 3 months (if conventional implants are being used).

In any case, the time required for placement of the implant and then the healing process is much higher than that required for simple dentures, which can be made in 3-4 sessions at the dental office.

Can chip or stain over time – Dentures come in several different materials and the acrylic ones can stain or chip over time, if not cared for. Just like the other dentures your snap-ons will need regular cleaning at home and an occasional trip to the dental office for professional cleaning.

The benefits of snap dentures outweigh the downsides, and most people are happy to make the switch. However, you must consider your personal circumstances and discuss in detail with your dentist before you decide to for snap on dentures, as it required implant placement and a little more commitment on the patient’s part as compared to traditional dentures.

To know about your options for affordable snap-on dentures overseas, get in touch via the form on this page.

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