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Cost of Lower body lift

Lower body lifts are useful for people looking to address their mid-section, thighs, buttocks and sides. Since these cosmetic surgeries are elective and not covered by insurance, the cost of lower body lift is usually a big concern for anyone considering the surgery.

Some people are able to get little insurance benefit for their cosmetic surgeries if they are necessitated by a medical need (as breast reduction). However, surgeries like lower body lift that are done for purely cosmetic improvement have to be paid out of pocket.

Lower body lift cost

How much does lower body lift cost?

The cost of your lower body lift surgery will primarily depend upon the procedures you wish to include and the amount of work that needs to be done. Small corrections are obviously less expensive.

Normally, lower body lift is a combination of:

Tummy tuck: A circumferential incision is made on the torso and the excessive skin and fat below it will be removed.

Butt lift: The loose skin and tissues in your buttocks will be pulled upwards to give it a tighter appearance.

Outer thigh tuck: You will be positioned on your side and the loose tissues in your thighs will be addressed similarly.

While the combined cost of these surgeries if performed individually will be more, the cost of the combination is much lower because the anesthesia is delivered once and the doctor is also engaged at the same time.

The cost of lower body lift in the U.S. averages around $20,000, and may even be more if you need additional work on your inner thighs or some liposuction. In Australia, it starts at around AUD 24,000 and in the U.K. about £14,000.

If you are looking for lower cost body lift surgery, Thailand is the place to be, with experienced cosmetic surgeons, JCI-accredited hospitals, and the famous Thai hospitality. For body lift in Thailand, you can expect to spend around $8,500.

Other considerations: body lift in Malaysia – starting from $10,500; body lift in India starts at around $7,500. In the cosmetic surgery hub of Asia—South Korea, a body lift would cost around $13,500.

Planning your lower body lift

There are no fixed quotes in cosmetic surgery and the price is finalized only after the surgeon has examined you and understood your requirements. If you are planning to travel to Asia for an affordable body lift surgery, it is best to get an online consultation for a quote.

Please fill in the quote form for your customized quote on lower body lift.

What is included in this cost?

Normally, when your doctor provides you the quote for lower body lift, it will include the cost of:

  1. Anesthesia
  2. Operation room charges
  3. Doctors’ fee
  4. Disposables and operation tools
  5. Surgical facility or hospital charges
  6. Investigations
  7. Medications
  8. Pre and post surgery garments
  9. Post surgical nursing care and meals
  10. Hospital room admission charges

What influences the cost of body lift?

The final cost of your lower body lift will be determined by:

  1. Surgery itself: The extent of the surgery—whether you need liposuction, extensive correction of loose skin (as usually in cosmetic surgery after bariatric surgery) or correction of inner thighs and other areas along with the usual procedures of lower body lift, will determine if your surgery will cost more or less than the standard price.
  2. Location of your clinic: The hospitals and clinics in Asia are able to offer body lift at lower costs because the general cost of living is low in those countries. Even within in a country, the clinics in hospitals in bigger cities are naturally more expensive than the ones in smaller or lesser populated states.
  3. Doctor’s expertise and experience: More experienced the doctors, the higher they charge. However, sometimes older, more experienced doctors continue to offer their services at competitive prices but the money should not be the criteria when selecting your surgeon—you should only go with the surgeon who is able to answer your questions and makes you feel comfortable before the surgery.
    A few hundred bucks should not keep you from feeling confident about the surgeon.
  4. Hospital charges: There are big, fancy hospitals, small hospitals and then there are stand alone clinics. The more facilities they offer, the higher they will charge you. What you choose really depends upon your personal preference, but when you are going abroad for lower body lift or a similar major surgery, it is recommended that you go with a credible, JCI-accredited hospital as they are more prepared to deal with trouble, should it arise.
    Also, big hospitals have more staff like translators, travel managers, etc. so your experience becomes that much more easy for the extra price.
  5. Aftercare: Lower body lift requires 2-3 days of hospital stay, and in some places you can stay for longer in the recuperation house under expert nursing care. If you are discharged early, your overall bill will be low but then you will have to arrange for someone to support you through the initial days of recovery.

Lower body lift is one of the more expensive cosmetic surgeries, but it seems worth the cost for men and women who opt for this.

Lower body lifts have a staggering satisfaction rate of over 96%, according to the statistics shared by the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. If your cosmetic surgery helps improve the way you feel about your body, it directly impacts your everyday reality and improves the quality of your life.

For more information on cost of lower body lift, get in touch via the form on this page.

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