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9 Places to get low-cost Dental Implants

Tooth loss is a common concern with growing age and if you are troubled because of your loose, removable dentures, you might be looking for low-cost dental implants. Dental implants are considered an ideal replacement option for missing teeth as they look and function just like your natural teeth.  

However, the cost of dental implants is usually a downer for most patients. But you need not lose all hope, as you can get affordable dental implants overseas—starting from as low as $650.

These are one of the most expensive dental restorations and that is why tens of thousands of patients prefer to travel to Asia and other more affordable destinations to get their teeth implants.

Low cost dental implants

While you may have some concerns about traveling abroad for dental treatment, if you select your dental clinic and dentist carefully, you shouldn’t have to worry.

Implants are one of the most successful dental surgeries, and they have an excellent chance of working well for you if performed by an experienced dentist.

According to report published in the Journal of Dental Research, the long-term success of dental implants is almost 96 percent, when placed by a skilled dental surgeon. So, while looking for low-cost dental implants, you will find hundreds of options in every destination—it is imperative to study the doctor’s credentials and not just go for the lowest possible price.

What is the average cost of dental implants?

The average cost of a single dental implant in the US is between $3,000 and $4,500, but when you add to it the cost of dental abutment and crown, the total cost of a dental implant can go upto $7,500.

However, it is not possible to give the exact cost over this blog as dental implants and crowns are available in various materials and the total cost in your individual case can only be determined once you visit your dentist, get examined, and discuss a treatment plan.

Cost of dental implants in the U.K. falls between £2,000 – £4,000, not including the cost of crown and abutment.

Where can you find low cost dental implants

In Australia, a dental implant complete with the crown and abutment, may set you back by $4,000 – $7,000, depending upon the implant material, dentist experience, geographic location of the clinic, etc.

However, the costs drop significantly when you cross the international borders.

Below are some popular destinations for low-cost dental implants:

  • Thailand: Millions of tourists go to Thailand each year, looking for affordable dental work, and implants are highly sought. The cost of dental implants in Thailand starts from as low as $1,500 inclusive of everything.
  • Malaysia: Teeth implants in Malaysia cost between $1,100 and $2,200; with mostly English-speaking dentists and a robust healthcare system, it is a good choice especially for patients from Australia and New Zealand.
  • India: Dental implants in India start from only $650, which is possibly the lower price you can expect to pay for teeth implant restorations.
  • South Korea: South Korea is another popular destination for dental work. The cost of dental implants in South Korea starts from around $2,000 and even though the language there might be a problem, the doctors there are equipped with excellent technology and skills.
  • Mexico: For Americans, Mexico is obviously the most convenient dental destination so they can just cross the border in California and land straight at a dental office in Los Algodones or Tijuana, within a few minutes. The cost of dental implants in Mexico starts from around $700.
  • Costa Rica: You can also visit the tropical country of Costa Rica for dental implants, where it costs only about $750 per implant.
  • Hungary: This Eastern European country is very popular for dental tourists. The average cost of dental implant is around $650, but you can also get them really cheap at just about $500 in some clinics.
  • Poland: Patients from countries like Germany go to Polish dentists for teeth implants and get them in the range of $600 – $1,000, depending upon the doctor, the clinic, and their geographic location.
  • Turkey: For about $800, you can get dental implants in one of Turkey’s best hospitals.

Why are dental implants cheaper in some countries?

If they are using the same material from the same company, why are dental implants so cheap in some places while they are almost unaffordable in others?

Cost of dental implants overseas

The main reasons are listed below:

  1. The cost of medical services anywhere is influenced by the general cost of living in the country; dental treatments are bound to be cheaper in places where the average salaries are lower.
  2. An American dentist makes about $200,000 a year, working 32-hours a week, on an average. However, dentists in the developing world have relatively busier schedules. They generally work longer hours, see a larger volume of patients, which eventually turns into a lower cost per patient.
  3. Along with the dentist’s fee, the staff salaries, the utilities, the rent are all lower in India or Thailand, which means all the money saved here is translated into the patient’s benefit.
  4. Finally, dental education in some countries is much cheaper and the dentists are not burdened under heavy education loans, unlike in some countries, where eventually the patient ends up paying for it.

Understanding the cost of dental implants

Dental implants are expensive; a lot of factors contribute to their cost as listed below:

  • The kind of implant used – There are several kinds of implants – one stage, two-stage, mini dental implants, immediate load implants, etc. Whatever kind is the most appropriate in your case, would be determined by the dentist on examining you. It is also at this stage that you will learn about the cost of your dental implant.
  • Bone Grafts – If your jaw bone required some building before the implant can be placed, bone chips will be used in a procedure called bone grafting. It will take extra time and dollars.
  • Diagnostic testing – You may need blood tests and even special MRI scans during treatment planning, which can all add to the cost of your implant procedure.
  • Number of implants required – If you are going for a full mouth reconstruction or full-arch restoration with implants, multiple units will be used. The cost of your treatment will depend upon the number of implants.
    Instead of placing one implant for each tooth root, your doctor may see if you are a candidate for all-on-4 or all-on-6 implants systems, which will be more cost-effective.
  • Implant and crown materials – Implants mostly come in Titanium but sometimes, the white-metal, Zirconium, is more appropriate. Your dentist will likely offer you 2-3 different brands of implants with different prices. Similarly, the material of the crown to be placed on top of the implant will influence the cost of your treatment.

Besides, the experience and skill of your dentist, his geographical location, the kind of facility he has, are all the factors that will determine the cost of your dental implant procedure.

Dental implants insurance

Dental implants are hardly ever considered a necessity, which makes it convenient for insurance companies to keep them out of insurance cover.

In the U.K., dental implants may be covered by the NHS, if the doctor determines they are medically necessary for you. That does not happen often.

It would be easier to find a good, reliable dentist for your dental implants overseas, than trying to find insurance that actually is willing to pay for them.

You can use our service to find dependable doctors and practices that offer affordable dental implants. Or just write in to us using the form on this page, and we will get in touch shortly with the best options we have for affordable dental implants overseas.

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