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8 Things you must know before getting a Nose job in Thailand

Nose job or nose reshaping surgery can help you completely transform your face. Given the high costs of such elective surgeries, if you, like thousands of people, are considering getting an affordable nose job in Thailand, you must be aware of the below.

Medically called Rhinoplasty, nose jobs are among the top three most sought cosmetic surgery procedures in the United States, according to the 2017 statistics by the American Society of plastic surgeons.

This is not a procedure for women alone. The International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery reveals that about 30 percent of all rhinoplasty patients are men. 

So whether you are a man or woman, you should arm yourself with some important information regarding the procedure before you go to Thailand for rhinoplasty.

1.     Not all surgeons are equal

There is a tendency among most of us to look for the cheapest deal—but when it comes to medical procedures you should always put experience and expertise over a few hundred bucks.

Even within a medical specialty, there are certain surgeons who are better at some procedures. You may find many surgeons that are highly qualified but you must look for the one who specializes the procedure you are looking for.

So, when you go for your rhinoplasty in Thailand, you want to get operated by a surgeon who regularly performed nose jobs and has extensive experience in those.

Rhinoplasty is one of the most challenging surgeries and you have to live with its results for the rest of your life. Be careful in surgeon selection.

To consult with our most experienced nose job surgeons in Thailand, get in touch via the treatment quote form.

2.     You must discuss the nose job procedure

You can request for before-after pictures of nose job before traveling to Thailand, but that is not enough. You may be carrying some reference pictures in your phones, but you need to tell your surgeon what exactly you are hoping to get from this surgery.

Discuss with your cosmetic surgeon in Thailand

You can carry the pictures of your preferred nose shape during your initial consultation, and your surgeon will be able to make suggestions after evaluating your current situation and your expectations.

Talk about the problems areas, the bump, the deviated septum, the breathing difficulties, and any other problem you are hoping to resolve through this nose job in Thailand.

If you are looking to get the Meghan Markle nose (currently the hottest plastic surgery trend, according to ISAPS), you must explain that to your surgeon, stating exactly what you want.

3.     It is not just cosmetic

Some nasal surgeries are performed just to treat breathing and other functional problems of your nose, such as:

  1. Septoplasty: A deviated, bowed, twisted septum can cause blockage of the nasal passages, resulting in breathing difficulties. Septoplasty is a quick procedure (usually done in under 30 minutes) that can straighten the septum and unblock your air passages.
  2. Turbinate reduction: Turbinates are shelves of bone covered by mucous membrane, which can sometimes overgrow and cause obstruction of the nasal passage. Although these small bones serve an important function to moisten, warm, and filter the inhaled air, so they are never removed completely. If required, a partial reduction of the turbinates is easily done.
  3. Nasal polyp removal: Polyps are benign growths that can cause obstruction of the nasal passage, and they can be easily removed to allow symptomatic relief.
  4. Nasal valve collapse: Nasal valve collapse is generally a problem in extremely thin noses or it sometimes develops due to injury, disease, or even a botched nose job.

It is best to maintain a healthy nasal airflow and knowing how to treat or prevent nasal valve collapse is something an experienced cosmetic surgeon would know.

Even if you are getting a nose job just to improve the functional aspect of your nose, a nicely performed surgery should help address issues of both shape and function at the same time.

It can set your crooked nose straight, offering both cosmetic and functional benefit.

4.     Learn about the cost of nose job in Thailand

A simple augmentation rhinoplasty by one of the most experienced plastic surgeon’s is Thailand costs just about $940, while an extensive nose job with the same surgeon costs upto $5,500.

I know that cost is the one of your main reasons for getting your nose job in Thailand and you’d like to be clear on the prices before you travel.

Just send us some pictures, describe your problem and expectation from the surgery, and we’ll get you the quote for your customized nose surgery from one of our suggested surgeons.

5.     The recovery process is not very long

While in some patients it may take around two weeks, in most people it will take only about 6-7 days for the bruises to disappear and your nose to feel better after the surgery.

Recovery after nose job

While you can return home within 10 days after your nose job in Thailand, if you still have pain and bruising, you must consult with the surgeon and get a fit-to-fly certificate before taking that long flight back home.

Healing after Rhinoplasty also depends largely on your general health. You may not be in perfect health, but the better you are, the easier and faster you will heal.

It is imperative that you discuss you complete medical history with you cosmetic surgeon before undergoing the surgery.

6.     Your nose may not look better right away

It could take upto 12 months for your new nose to settle. Yes, you read that right.

Don’t panic if the nose you see immediately after the surgery is not what you had expected. It will start to look better as the swelling subsides down, but even then, it may be months before your nose is finally settled in its new form.

The process takes longer in people with thicker skin, so don’t worry if your post-surgery nose is not what you expected. Your doctor will be able to give you an idea based on your individual conditions.

7.     It will take some time getting used to your new face

Every time you look in the mirror, your new face will be staring back at you. It is likely that your nose looks different each time and you may find yourself constantly analyzing your face and the appearance of your new nose over it.

Nose job Thailand before after

8.     Planning your post-op stay in Thailand

It is imperative that you don’t plan your rhinoplasty in Thailand over a long-weekend holiday. You need to stay there and recuperate after the surgery, and also have an easy access to your surgeon should there be any post-op problems.

Everyone is a little apprehensive before their cosmetic surgery. If you are going to Thailand for your nose job, it is natural to be a little nervous. Discussing your procedure in detail with your doctor should help calm those nerves before you go into surgery.

It may be a little uncomfortable in the beginning but in due time your new nose will start to look better and feel natural on your face.  

To request more information about planning your nose job in Thailand, get in touch via the form on this page.

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